Not-another-thing-to-remember: December 2006

Friday, December 29, 2006

Life Changes

Life as I know it is changing ever so quickly. Imagine spending the first day of the new year moving your only daughter off to college! Last night we finished packing up her stuff and I jokingly (okay...with a little bit of seriousness) asked if she was sure she was ready, and told her she could stay if she wasn't. To which she replied, "I'm ready for this mom."
I know she is -- the only question is AM I? I think so. I feel good about it. I just can't believe it's time to let go of TWO of my four kids. Where did all those years go? It just seems like yesterday that I was rocking them to sleep, or, in her case, spending days in the hospital hoping she would one day be a healthy child. God has been good, and just sitting here reflecting on that very time in our lives takes me straight to the mercy seat of God! He was faithful! He is faithful! He will always be faithful!
The most awesome thing about being a mom who has a personal relationship with God is knowing that my kids are not my own. They are on loan from God and he is watching over them...more than I ever could!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My son's heart

I love the heart God gave my son (well, all my children to be exact). I love his creativity, and his sister shared this with me today.
A poem my son wrote -- from God to Satan.
He’s MY servant.
He’s MY son.
He said starring straight into his eyes, those eyes of evil will soon cry.
My flag he flys.
He’s not yours for the taking.
No, you see he’s mine.
You can’t shake him, you can’t break, he’s strong.
This road he’s been walking, its been long.
Oh yes he’s hit ruts, but remember he’s strong.
Right from wrong he distinguished.
Your flames he extinguished.
You can’t trick him, you cannot break him, he IS strong.
This beat that you play, he’s heard it before.
Floor by floor he has heard it through and through.
He knows that its you.
He’s seen it in their faces.
From his thoughts he erases, the hatred he sees.
Through his eyes I am looking, I see his good deeds.
Hungry mouths for my love, he feeds them.
As they long for my love, I will give them. He feeds.
He’s My servant
He’s My son.
You can’t have him.
This battle I’ve won.
All in all you’re just tired.
You can’t handle the truth.
But I’ll give it to you.
You gave it your best, the best never rest.
But remember who your dealing with.
Through his veins, my blood’s pumping.
In his heart, in his chest.
He beats his breast, with great fury, he’s ready.
He’s taken the challenge, he knows what’s ahead.
So get ready, he’s coming.
Here he is, right on time.
Draw your sword if you’ll fight him.
Here he is, bring it on.
But remember dear Satan.
He’s MY servant.
He’s MY son.

Beautiful Colorado

The snow is falling and the whole earth around me is white.
I hear echoes of creation calling out God's name.
How wonderful to be on a mountain and to experience all the Lord has created.
As the snow falls, I am reminded of just how awesome God is,
and how we should stand in awe of Him.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Today my daughter and her boyfriend are celebrating one year together...and it looks as though there will probably be many more. Today, as the celebrate having found each other, I celebrate their commitment to purity and to living a life that pleases the Lord. I pray they will be strong in their commitments, and that one day they will have a wonderful life to share together in marriage, if it's the Lord's will.
This picture was taken on a mission trip to Africa this past summer, and I can't help but wonder what the Lord has in store for them. Even if it's not God's will for them to marry...their lives have been touched by the blessing of knowing each other and being best friends. He's a wonderful guy who cares deeply for her, and does wonderful things for her, and it's a blessing for us as parents to know she's with someone who cares more about his relationship with God than anything else (which is evident) and values purity in his relationship with her.
I pray God's richest blessings on them both today.

Best of friends...

This is my daughter and two of her favorite people to hang out with...her boyfriend and her soon to be roommate in college. I am excited for her and the friendship she has found in them both. When they are together I literally hear laughter almost the entire time. They are all precious kids! We are blessed when we find friends that are there for us the way these three are there for each other. It's a blessing watching her grow up and make good choices with her friends, and a blessing to watch her have so much good, clean fun with them.

I love how my pastor is so hands on!
(I'm proud to be his wife.)

Friends help friends rack leaves!
I took all the boys around the twins age and we loaded the truck with bags of leaves for hours! They had so much fun...and I got some great pictures!

See all the bags of leaves in the back? It only took most of the day...


O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

This is our cat, sleeping peacefully under the Christmas Tree. He's been sleeping there for hours now. Some people have cats that play with the ornaments...our cat just sleeps under the tree!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Almost Christmas

Where did November go to so quickly? I still can't believe it's December and we're nearly half way through it! A week from Sunday we'll be on our way to Colorado. Seriously, that just doesn't seem possible.

This is a very busy time at work...especially today. Man! I'm glad it's Friday and I'm now home sitting by the fire and enjoying the rest of my evening. I can't wait for my week vacation in Colorado, and then several more days off for Christmas and New Year's! My company gives us two days off for each so I only have to go to work two days the week of Christmas. Yeah!

I've been reading a really good book - Practicing His Presence - and I love it. It has inspired me to give God more of my day, more of my mind and more of my attention. I'll be sure to share more when I finish it, but for now, I'll just say it's been wonderful. I've also been reading Mere Christianity. It's a tougher read, but I like it. I hope to have them both finished before Christmas and go searching for another good book to take to Colorado. Last year I did more reading in Colorado than I normally do, and I enjoyed it. In fact, one day I sat by the fire in the lobby at check-in and read an entire book. For anyone who knows me well, that's not something I normally do!

I plan to have the same motto as last year in Colorado - go to relax and make it a vacation! With my work schedule, I decided last year it was more about going to enjoy myself and not wear myself out.

Well, I'm tired and ready to head to bed!

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