Not-another-thing-to-remember: Postings HERE are few and far between!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Postings HERE are few and far between!

I don't really post here very often anymore. I guess because most of what I am about these days seems to have a lot to do with where the Lord is taking us and falls more under my blog: I don't want to forsake the other things that happen in my life, but I see how so much of what is happening, and has been for months now, is to prepare me for the years ahead.

A few Sundays before Kevin left for training, a friend at church said it really hit her one day about the reason God must have given us twins. These two boys will always have each other no matter where we go. They've always been best of friends. Isn't it awesome to take a look back and think about the many ways God works to take care of his children, to prepare us for what he desires for our lives?

If you stumble upon this blog, just know it may be a while before I post on this site...but feel free to check out the other. I'm usually posting on that one!


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