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Friday, December 29, 2006

Life Changes

Life as I know it is changing ever so quickly. Imagine spending the first day of the new year moving your only daughter off to college! Last night we finished packing up her stuff and I jokingly (okay...with a little bit of seriousness) asked if she was sure she was ready, and told her she could stay if she wasn't. To which she replied, "I'm ready for this mom."
I know she is -- the only question is AM I? I think so. I feel good about it. I just can't believe it's time to let go of TWO of my four kids. Where did all those years go? It just seems like yesterday that I was rocking them to sleep, or, in her case, spending days in the hospital hoping she would one day be a healthy child. God has been good, and just sitting here reflecting on that very time in our lives takes me straight to the mercy seat of God! He was faithful! He is faithful! He will always be faithful!
The most awesome thing about being a mom who has a personal relationship with God is knowing that my kids are not my own. They are on loan from God and he is watching over them...more than I ever could!


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