Not-another-thing-to-remember: June 2006

Friday, June 23, 2006

Sensing His presence

This week at work I had a lot of very important items to take care of. I knew in my heart the only way I could get through it was to daily give God my day and ask for His will to be done, for His strength, and for His peace in my life.

Every morning I would get up very early to pray about the things that I had to accomplish and, praise God, every evening I would spend time reflecting on how God had answered my prayers and thanking him for His presence. I know there is NO WAY I could have accomplished so much without him.

On Monday morning I had prayed specifically about three things, and Monday evening I was writing "Answered prayer" next to all of them in my prayer journal! Tuesday it was two things. (Well it started out with two things and by the time I ended the day it was much more - since I came out to get in my car around 7 pm and had a flat tire! There God provided a man to change the tire for me -- I thought everyone was long gone by then, but to my surprise I found one person to help me!!) Wednesday it was one or two things, and by yesterday evening I thought to myself, "how do people make it without God!"

I know where my strength comes from and I praise God for being there for me, day or night, at home or at work, any time, any place!

Africa Update

We heard from our daughter yesterday and she is having a wonderful time in Africa. This makes her 3rd year to go, and it's different every time. This year they are in Uganda, and it is a lot more primitive than originally thought (no hot water or electricity). I can't wait to hear more about it! Lots of "hut to hut" evangelism and over 300 people have given their life to Christ! I'm sure they are having the time of their life telling others about Jesus. They said most of the people there have never seen "colored people," as they refer to us. I bet it is very exciting to be ministering to them! She will be home this week and I can't wait to hear all about it!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Okay, okay...

I'm trying to think about something to write about...I'll just sit here and type whatever...

I'm planning to sleep in tomorrow for the first time in...I can't remember when. Sleep in? What's that? I forgot what that is, it's been so long!

We took out twins to see the movie Over the Hedge tonight, and it took me back to when they were years younger. It was a good, clean movie so that was a plus, but not the best movie in the world. The animals were pretty hard on us humans! Pretty accurate in how they described us and food though. It was nice to just sit there...

Our daughter (and my parents, and her boyfriend) left for Africa today. They are somewhere in the air as I write. I wish I could have gone with them, but it is sooooo expensive! I love that she is able to go though. Someone at work today was shocked that we've let her go three times now, especially at a young age. They asked, "Aren't you scared to let her go?" At which I replied, "She's in good hands, God's hands!" I love that she goes and is getting to experience the joy of sharing the gospel! Everytime she leaves I wonder what God has in store for her in the future.
Please pray for them for two weeks with me, and for the people of Africa who don't know Jesus.

Lord, prepare the way and soften their hearts. May every person they come into contact with give their life to You...and may everyone who comes to know You share You with everyone they come into contact with and may Your story and Your glory be known and never cease to be shared. Lord, I pray that for all of us that call You Lord. May we be faithful wherever we are to share You with the people we come into contact with. Soften OUR hearts to Your will and may Your will be done in our lives every minute of every day. Amen.

Friday, June 02, 2006

After graduation thoughts...

Wow! I can't believe it's over and we're turning a new page in our lives. Every once in a while, like last night driving home, I cry a little. It was a wonderful graduation and I loved watching our son walk down the aisle with a huge smile on his face, excited about the moment. Just one hour before he said he wasn't nervous, but his dad and I knew better...(that's why we were breaking into his truck afterwards because he locked his keys in there...nah, he wasn't nervous!) The funny thing is, I guess his dad and I were sort of nervous for him or something because I don't really remember him walking across the stage, and his dad asked me if they said his middle name!
I couldn't be prouder and I can't wait to see what the future holds for our son! Thanks family and friends for being a part of that very special time in our son's life!!! It was wonderful to have you all there with us cheering him on!

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