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Monday, April 02, 2007

A special bond

Two little twin boys - one worried about his TAKS test tomorrow, the other wanting to see his twin brother succeed...

We were driving back from the store tonight when Darby and Dillon began to talk about the TAKS test being tomorrow. Darby shared his concerns, and Dillon talked about what a mess it would make of the summer for him if he didn't pass - thinking that would motivate him!

We got the groceries put away and I began to straighten up the house when I heard Dillon giving Darby tips and helping him to prepare for the TAKS. It was one of the sweetest expressions of love I've ever seen between the two of them! I was so proud of Dillon for wanting to help Darby succeed. They are more than brothers, they are friends! They have a special bond and I feel blessed to be their mom and watch them grow and mature.

God gives us so much more than we ever deserve, and I thank Him for the blessing of raising four beautiful, loving children. I couldn't go to sleep tonight without telling this story of these two special boys.

Bless them as they take their tests tomorrow, Lord. You are our strength and we give you all the glory!


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