Not-another-thing-to-remember: Random thoughts on South Padre

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Random thoughts on South Padre

Sandy beaches with shells EVERYWHERE, picking up shells until the bag is full, searching for one that looks so different, doesn't have to be perfect, the prettiest ones have flaws, I love walking along the shore with the love of my life, I've dreamed of this, talking to the old people who seem to have done this for years, finding jellyfish, they look weird, hearing my husband talk about this wonderful creation from God makes me smile.

Eating great seafood in restaurants near the water, watching the sun go down from the window, watching people scramble to get a picture of it before it goes down, one family didn't make it because their little boy didn't want to, us not caring that we didn't get a picture but just happy to be there watching it.

Sea turtles, hurt, being cared for, something interesting about them, they seem to have personality, the twins would think they are cool.

Fising in the bay, baiting and dropping a line anywhere from 8 to 50 or 60 feet, my husband excited about the new adventure, hoping he catches something, listening to the captain tell stories, too many stories, shouldn't we be quiet so the fish don't hear us, wish he'd just be quiet, sweet old people on the boat all the way from Nebraska, happy husband because we are fishing together, I caught a fish - the only fish, small and pure white, waves are high and I'm praying I don't get sick, dolphins, we see lots of them, wish we could get closer, gotta come back when it's warmer and the fish are bitting, the kids would love this, I miss our kids, I think we both do, we'll have to bring them here in the summer.

Shopping is fun, cute clothes, neat stuff, what do we get the kids, so much to choose from, wow, a shark in a jar, wish we could take liquids on the plane, the twins would love that, shells everywhere, clean not sandy, I like the sandy ones that I can pick up myself, our daughter could really decorate her living room with everything I see, she would love this, and this, and this, our oldest son would go nuts over the tons of board shorts, bathing suits for $7.99, wish I had brought another suitcase!

Beautiful lighthouse, are we going to climb up? I hope not, oh good, not today.

Nice hotel with jacuzzi in the room, lovin' it!! Wireless internet, oh good, I can relax and write, if I had more time I'd really write, it's beautiful here, the company is the best part, love that man!

Husband resting because he can, I'm not going to wake him, though I'd love to go shopping, we'll go again soon, he looks so peaceful, not a care in the world, this is wonderful, relaxing, all I hoped it would be, wish we could stay longer, wish we could just fly the kids here and stay a while, it's good to be away!


At Saturday, 17 February, 2007, Blogger Whitney said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time. I'm jealous! You better have taken some pictures!

At Tuesday, 20 February, 2007, Blogger Jenny said...

Enjoyed the random thought, Laura. Sounds relaxing--like just what you guys needed.


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