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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Please pray

A friend of ours will be having a brain tumor removed on Thursday, and we are praying for the miraculous. On Wednesday they will do one more MRI to mark where they will go in and so forth. Pray with us that the tumor is GONE when they look. It would TRULY be a miracle. It's rather large and will be a very difficult surgery. Through research on the internet, he was convinced his symptoms were from a brain tumor. Praise God, the doctor listened (a little) and, to make him feel better, did a MRI and found it was truly a tumor. Several doctors said they wouldn't touch it, but the doctors at MD Anderson gave them hope.

We've already seen many answered prayers throughout the last few months. One being, we prayed the exact day they wanted the surgery to be on - March 8 - would be the date and God answered their prayers. We will be leaving on Wednesday to be there for the surgery on Thursday. I would appreciate if everyone who reads this would be in prayer for him every day this week. His name is Sean.

I am very close to his mom, dad and wife and ask that you pray for them as well as the time draws close. They are members of our church and we have been praying diligently about this, and already praise God for the answered prayers. I praise God for their strength and how the power of God is evident in their lives. It has touched everyone at our church, and allowed us to experience God in a new way. We are praying with all our hearts for God to heal him and, if he so chooses to use the doctors and carry them through a different route, we will still praise Him because His will is best. We pray for God to be glorified in Sean's life and those in his family this week.

Thank you for praying!


At Saturday, 03 March, 2007, Blogger Paulette said...

Praying that Gods will be done in Seans life, whatever the Lord chooses for Sean I pray that it would bring him closer to the Lord.
I know God is in control.

At Tuesday, 06 March, 2007, Blogger Whitney said...

Let Alisha and Sean and Caden know that I am praying for them! God is in control.

At Monday, 12 March, 2007, Blogger Whitney said...

Why has it been like 80 years since you've written anything? Look at my new pics, you can see what my glasses look like too!


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