Not-another-thing-to-remember: Old Journal Entries (2)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Old Journal Entries (2)

November 16, 2006:

God is good! Here's a few of the ways He worked in Kevin's life today:

1. When they measured Kevin, he said he stood as tall as he possibly could, and he measured one inch taller than he's ever been before, which made his max weight 205. When he got on the scales he weighed 201...which would have made him one pound over had he measured at exactly 6 ft...the same height he's been since high school.

2. He was concerned about his blood pressure being high, like it is every time he goes to the doctor since he gets anxious about it. He said this sweet little old lady was taking his blood pressure and the first time it was too high (so he told them all about how he's been tested a few times before and this always happens, and then when he relaxes it goes back down), so she came back in and asked him what he was going in to the military as, to which he replied, "a chaplain" and she said, "well honey, then just pray about it!" So, of course, he did...and the second time it was still a little high so she said, "well, we just won't count that one", and tried again...this time it was perfect!

3. His hearing has been bad for a long time, but today it was perfectly fine...a miracle for sure!

4. He was the only one in his room that passed...and all the other guys were 18 years old (but terribly unfit). He said there were two buses full of 17/18 year old boys that pulled up and he was standing in line talking to them, until they asked him what he was in for, and then they escorted him to another part of the room, that had nice chairs -- unlike the plastic chairs for the enlisted people, and to the front of the officer's line. He said that made him feel bad. I imagine many will appreciate that about him when in the field...not pulling rank.

He was encouraged by a guy that was there re-enlisting as an officer, who asked him what he was going back in for, and when Kevin replied he told him how much it always meant to all the guys when chaplains were with them in the field.

We are very excited, and looking forward to February, when he the board will decide whether to allow him in to the military! I knew God would perform miracles in Kevin's life today, and we are just praising Him for hearing our prayers, and for just being God and working out His will in our lives.


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