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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bucket of Love

This week there was a lady who called in to the radio station to share her best gift ever to her husband. She said that even though her husband was not the real sentimental type, she made him a bucket of love, 100 little pieces of paper in a bucket stating reasons why she loved him, and, years later, he still gets it out and reads them. I wanted to do the same, but when I saw other people blogging this same sort of idea I thought it would be a lot easier to type it than write it, so here I go...

100 reasons why I love my husband:

1. He is a man after God's own heart. Definitely #1 for me.
2. He's a Jesus freak...not the kind of person to scare people off, but his love for the Lord is totally evident.
3. He is an absolutely wonderful husband. This week we celebrate 20 years of marriage, and he loves me unconditionally and expresses it every single day.
4. He's a great dad to our four children, and always wants the best for them...even if it requires him to be a little tough with them (something I'm not the best at sometimes).
5. He doesn't care what people think about him (in a good way, not a prideful way). He's secure in who he is in Christ.
6. I'm his very best friend. I know that I come first when it comes to people (I love that God comes first...which makes him an even better friend).
7. He's a good friend (and my very best friend).
8. He makes me laugh.
9. He's a good singer. He doesn't think he has a good voice, but he REALLY does.
10. He is sexy! I know I shouldn't probably be saying that about my pastor, but hey, he's my husband so I can. LOL!!!
11. He's humble. He knows that what he has and the things he is able to accomplish come from the Lord.
12. He loves people. If you put him in a large crowd, the strangest people in the room will somehow make their way to him...and he'll talk back. He doesn't just run off.
13. He's sincere.
14. He doesn't act fake or try to be something he's not.
15. He works hard. When he was seven years old he started roofing houses and he learned to work with his hands and not be lazy.
16. He's a great hunter and fisherman. He'd be able to provide for us if something went wrong and there wasn't a way to buy groceries.
17. He wants to snuggle with me every morning. I know I'm the most important thing at the beginning of his day.
18. He loves the outdoors. I love that he loves God's creation. He always talks about the fact that God created such a beautiful place.
19. He's strong. Definitely a manly man!
20. He doesn't just read his bible, he studies it. Even long before he was a pastor, he loved to study God's word.
21. He's cool. Our kids got a dad who's not embarrassing to be around...okay, well, maybe when he tried to wear his camo to our daughter's school talent show -- of course, it was a joke (she was glad to see him change)!
22. He loves adventure. When he was in the military, we couldn't wait to hear where we would move next...we miss that!
23. He sees the positive in difficult situations.
24. He genuinely cares about people and where they will spend eternity. His heart breaks for those who don't believe in Jesus.
25. He's honest with me about everything.
26. He's not a sport's fanatic. He likes sports, but he can miss games and not even think a thing about it.
27. He'll watch chic flicks with me, not because he likes them at all, but because I like them.
28. He takes me shopping, even if he doesn't feel like shopping.
29. He likes me in sweats and no make up.
30. He's sweet. He does things just because. In December he had flowers delivered to me at work with a note that said, "Have a good day. I love you!"
31. He’s the spiritual leader of our home, and he doesn’t take that lightly. He looks out for us and cares about our walk with the Lord.
32. He’s my high school sweetheart. He was popular, I wasn’t, but he fell in love anyway.
33. He cares deeply about me.
34. He appreciates modest women. I love that he never looks twice at another woman.
35. He’s faithful.
36. He’s trustworthy.
37. He loves me just the way I am.
38. He never tries to change me.
39. He loves me enough to say the tough stuff.
40. He’s the real thing. When he stands up to preach, he’s himself – no change in his voice or anything like that.
41. He doesn’t pretend to know it all. If he’s not sure of the answer, he’ll seek to find it.
42. He takes care of my needs.
43. He takes care of our children’s needs. When our older two were looking at colleges, he was right there with them, helping them to get all the work done to get into college.
44. He’s handsome. Absolutely beautiful eyes. They make me melt.
45. He’s brave. He spent seven years in the military and went to several scary places like Croatia and Bosnia.
46. He loves God and country. He’d die for our freedom.
47. He’s forgiving and doesn’t hold grudges.
48. He loves his family. He is very close to his mom, and his brother is one of his closest friends.
49. He’s considerate of other people's feelings. He sees when people look like they feel left out and he’ll walk over to talk to them.
50. He’s very wise. God has given him wisdom and understanding beyond his years.
51. He's a great preacher. And, no, I'm not barn blind.
52. Babies are drawn to him. I think it's so cute how babies just stare at him sometimes. I always wonder what they are thinking.
53. He took such good care of the twins when they were so tiny and fragile. He was the one who got them to sleep through the night when I couldn't take it anymore.
54. He takes his boys hunting and fishing with him, even though it takes a lot more work on his part.
55. He's witty. I wish I was!
56. He loves my parents. I think it's sweet when he tells me to call my parents to see if they want to go eat dinner or says we should go see them when we haven't in a while.
57. Sometimes he only wants to spend time with me and our kids. Some people might think that's unsociable, but I love that no one else has to be around to make it exciting!
58. When the kids might say something to me that he thinks is disrespectful, he will tell them that. He cares that they respect me.
59. He puts others before himself. I notice this a lot when we are in a crowd or at a social. He dislikes it when people rush to the front of a line.
60. He guards his eyes by being cautious of what we watch on T.V. or what movies we see.
61. He helps me clean the house. Sometimes I come home and the laundry has been done and the whole house vacuumed.
62. He cooks! I love that he can do that, and does. I love to walk through the door and smell dinner cooking after a long day at work.
63. He's a GOOD cook! My favorite thing is his fried fish!
64. He takes me out to dinner because we're both too tired to cook sometimes.
65. He takes me out on dates. He even flirts with me!
66. He doesn't have to be entertained to be happy. Just sitting around doing nothing is okay with him.
67. He has a hard time surprising me. He gets too excited and gives me gifts early, or gives me hints so I figure it out and he can then give it to me early.
68. He likes to take me somewhere nice for our anniversaries...even if all we can afford is a night away in a nice hotel.
69. He prays for me.
70. He prays for our children and for their future mates.
71. He prays for other people. When people ask him to pray for them he does it.
72. He tells me I'm beautiful, scars and all...
73. He loves old people. I think it's neat how he loves to hang out with those much older than him.
74. He thanks me for things I do for the church.
75. He tells me he's proud of me.
76. He cheers me up when I'm down.
77. He comforts me when I am hurting.
78. He listens to me and is always there for me.
79. When people hurt my feelings he feels my pain.
80. He cares about the "little" things in my life. He ask me every day how my day was.
81. He tells me he loves me and to have a good day every morning.
82. He calls me all the time. Our kids say we're worse than teenagers.
83. He would sit on the phone with me for hours. If we're in seperate cars, he'll call me and talk all the way home to me.
84. He says "I love you more" when I tell him I love him.
85. I can't recall a day where he didn't tell me he loved me (unless there was no possible way to call -- which in that case, he would write and tell me).
86. I know he means it when he tells me he loves me.
87. He misses me, even if we've only been a part for a few hours. He loves to spend time with me.
88. He WANTS to take me hunting. One of these days I'll take him up on it again. The last time I went and actually sat in a tree with him was almost 20 years ago. I love that he at least wants me to go with him.
89. He makes me feel safe.
90. He's a dreamer. (I wish I were more of one.)
91. He tries really hard to take care of me when I am sick. I know this doesn't come easy, but he tries.
92. He's smart. I wish I could recall the things I read and study like he does.
93. He's good with his hands and can build just about anything. He built our very first house when we were married. I'd come in and he'd be putting sheetrock on the ceiling all by himself! My mom was always impressed that he could drive in a nail in one of two hits.
94. He's not afraid to stand up for what is right.
95. His faith in the Lord is strong.
96. He's not afraid to share his faith with anyone.
97. He's a great story teller. I love to hear him talk about crazy things he did as a child.
98. He has good genes...four good lookin' children to prove it! :)
99. He's loveable! It's easy to love him!
100. HE is a bucket of love...overflowing!!!

Thank you, babe, for 20 wonderful years of marriage. I thank the Lord for giving us each other and I can't imagine my life without you! You are my hero and my dream come true...


At Monday, 12 February, 2007, Blogger Whitney said...

That's my dad alright!! I love him so much and he truly is all of this and more! He is my hero and always will be.

At Monday, 12 February, 2007, Blogger Jenny said...

Very sweet, Laura. Had you seen my 100 list for Clint (your bro)? I wrote it weeks ago for him to read before he left for Roatan, knowing we wouldn't be together Valentine's, but have been posting it in batches of 20. I still haven't put up the last 20.


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