Not-another-thing-to-remember: Celebrating 20 Years of Marriage in South Padre

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Celebrating 20 Years of Marriage in South Padre

My husband and I are having an awesome time celebrating our marriage of 20 years here in South Padre! A cold front came through -- in South Padre that is -- but that's not putting a damper on our fun. Once we got off the small plane (which about freaked me out) we were thrilled to be here, cold weather and all.

We've been praying for warmer weather since we were dieing to grab a blanket and sit out by the gulf and watch the sun go down this evening. We did pick up shells for a while this afternoon and plan to go back tomorrow. It looks like we'll at least be in the 60's tomorrow. Yeah!!!

We went shopping this afternoon (the prices are great before Spring Break...) and had dinner at a restaurant on the water. That was fun!

I still can't believe we are celebrating 20 YEARS!!!! We pray for many. many more...

Thanks, mom and dad, for watching the twins for us! We love you!!


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