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Monday, April 02, 2007

Chaplain Burton's Wife

Today Kevin was officially sworn in to the United States Army. (On May 20th there will also be a commissioning service and swearing in at our church.) I thought it was so sweet when he called to ask me if I was certain I was willing to do this. He said he just wanted to be sure I hadn't changed my mind because there was no turning back once he was sworn in. How could I change my mind? It wasn't my will to change! I will follow you to the ends of the earth, my love! You follow the Father wherever He leads and I'll be there right by your side!

Last night we were watching a war movie, and I've gotten to the point where it's a little difficult to watch them because I know one day he very likely will be in a similar situation and I just can't wrap my mind around it. Then I think about all the soldiers who need to know Jesus, or need encouragement as they walk this path of faith, and I allow my own feelings to take a back seat. This new journey is so NOT about ME, or even Kevin for that IS so about GOD and what HE wants for our lives.

Almost every day I wonder what this new life will look like...what will it be like to be a Chaplain's wife. I pray God fills my heart and mind with dreams and plans that bring glory to His name. I pray for wisdom and strength to be the wife and mother He called me to be. I know it will look a bit different then it does right now. I work a full-time job, apart from my ministries at the church, and my husband has taken on a lot of responsibilities here at home for the last three years, but I know being there for my boys will be very important in the months and years to come so I am asking God to show me more of His will and prepare me for what lies ahead. I have visions of ministering to other women and children who are in the same boat. I pray for opportunities to continue to use the gifts God has given me or for Him to replace those passions with others. Whatever He desires for my life...

God, whatever you desire for my life I'm willing to do. You are my Rock and my Provider and I trust You with my husband, children and my own life. Thank you for leading us in a new direction. Thank you for filling our hearts with new dreams and the opportunity to serve You!


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