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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mother/Daughter Moments

This weekend my daughter and I were blessed by my mother-in-law with tickets to the Revolve Tour and a night away in a fancy hotel. It wasn't that the tour was so great, but more about the time we got to spend together alone, even in the midst of thousands of girls.

There was a particular break where I can't even explain it completely, but God just touched both our hearts at the same moment and, with tears streaming down our face, we just reached over and held each other. It was as though our hearts were full of love for each other and God just wanted us both to express it in that moment. I realize that my little girl has grown up and soon will be on her own and I feel so much joy for the lady she has become.

Twice during the tour they asked who came with a friend, and we both yelled out without a second thought. Though I take my responsibility of being mom very seriously, and know the importance of being a mom and not just a friend, I felt blessed to know she considers me her friend.

We laughed, we cried, we talked about her future, we shared our hearts with each other, we loved on each other, we sang together, we had fun together, and so much more... It was wonderful!


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