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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Late-night thoughts

There's just something about staying up late at night, all by yourself, sometimes. I think God knows the nights when we just need that time to reflect, do a little housework, take time for ourselves, whatever...

This was one of those nights and I've just been enjoying time to listen to praise music, talk to the Lord, and fold laundry. Until now, that is! Now I just feel like taking the time to write for a while.

This week has been a bit different for me as I decided I would really focus more than ever before on remembering all that Christ did for me, what it was like for Him to give up His life, and what it must have been like to be hung on a cross, beaten and mocked, not for His own sin because He was perfect, but for ours. His love is so amazing to me. I thought about the fact that He could have come down off that cross, but He chose to stay and die a horrible death so that we could have eternal life. Why do we sometimes doubt how much He truly loves us? Why do we sometimes forget that we are a child of the King? Why do we sometimes have trouble forgiving those who wrong us when we've been forgiven for all we've done? Why do we sometimes forget to praise Him for all He does in our lives, or for just the fact alone that He died for us? So many things I ask myself...

I've always loved Easter morning and celebrating His resurrection, but I believe this year will mean even more to me as I've grown closer to the Lord and really taken the time to hear his voice and reflect more deeply on what He did for me. I pray I will never take His love for granted, or become complacent. I want my life to glorify Him in all I say and do, because He is worthy! Worthy of so much more than I can give, but that is what He love and devotion.


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